One flow for the entire research lifecycle

Manage complex research teams and projects in a unified flow

Assemble the complete professional profiles for a complete and up-to-date collection of all teaching, research, and service related activities. Providing you an overview of all accomplishments, with advanced analytic reports of outputs and impact.

Converis 6.0 was created with you in mind. We listened to your feedback and have built new features that aim to make your life easier, saving you time previously spent on manual, administrative work and enhancing the accuracy and consistency of your data.

New Features in Converis 6.0


Maintenance mode

Export large volumes of data and undertake large-scale batch operations without locking end-users out of the system. The new maintenance mode places a system-wide CREATE/EDIT lock on the system objects allowing user requests to be addressed without incurring a negative impact on system performance.


Validation Engine

Be confident that consistent data is being entered into the system. The validation engine provides configuration administrators with additional tools that extend beyond data TYPE or FORMAT validation.


Record Snapshotting

Capture a view of a record at the time it enters a given workflow step to support audit trails and review processes.


InCites Token API

Retrieve normalized document-level metrics and pull them into your system for evaluation. InCites subscription required.


Derwent Innovation Index

Search and curate aggregated patent data from Global Patent Offices through Derwent Innovation Index. Derwent Innovation Index subscription required.

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