Derwent Data Feed and Derwent API

Integrate, manipulate and analyze patent data

Automate workflows with programmatic access to patent data

Automation is critical for corporations, government agencies and investment managers, who are engaging with data scientists to integrate, manipulate and analyze patent data.

Improved data integrity and workflow

Simplify integration of patent data into databases and applications

The Derwent Data Feed and Derwent API provide programmatic access to global patent content in a common XML format for integration into dashboards, databases and applications. We offer flexible delivery options to match your needs including, Data Feed for on-site hosting of patent content and remote API access to content via the internet.

Access the most world’s most trusted global patent collection 

Our data feed and API coverage includes Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI), Derwent Patents Citation Index (DPCI), full text, original pdfs, drawings, industry classifications and bibliographic data. With Smart Search available as a server-based service you can find the patents most relevant to your search or analysis.


Our Custom IP Solutions Consultants are available to help you define your workflow requirements, formulate API sequences and provide support for your developers and end users.

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