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In Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI), the use and advantage of a patent are clearly stated – not buried within an original patent document. Using DWPI, organizations worldwide are able to find the whitespace, see what their competitors are doing and understand their own IP.


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What makes DWPI different?

Editorially enhanced authoritative and accurate patent data
Subject experts provide clear titles, abstracts summarizing the novelty of the invention, intellectual corrections to bibliographic errors and apply unique coding and indexing. Our team of 900+ technical and patent savvy editors write over 2.5 million abstracts a year. And, on average, 18% of documents we receive need errors corrected. Is it any wonder why more than 40 patent offices provide us their raw data then proceed to purchase DWPI to evaluate new patents?


Global coverage in english
DWPI gives you the most extensive view of activity in emerging and growing markets by providing the world’s most comprehensive collection of global patent data in English – more than 50 authorities covering over 30 languages. Nearly 86% of abstracted records in DWPI originate from non-English patent records.


Invention-based records
Searching patents from many authorities can create massive data overload. DWPI patent families ensure you don’t encounter duplicate inventions. Our invention-based records allow you to see the full global protection for a single invention, instead of one record per patent – saving you valuable research time.


Unique retrieval
DWPI uses unbiased coding and indexing systems, which are intellectually and consistently applied across all patent authorities and technologies. Our unique coding and indexing system applies 20+ sections of Derwent classification and over 25K active manual codes to every record, providing unsurpassed searchability.

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