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Directly target the leading researchers in the sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities

With increased competition in the scholarly publishing industry, it’s becoming more difficult to differentiate journal titles and conference meetings. Authors have more options for which journals to read, where to publish their papers, and which conferences to attend. Many publishers and societies are seeing their traditional pool of researchers for authors, reviewers, readers, and conference attendees shrink and therefore unable to sustain growth.

So now it’s more imperative than ever that you reach the right people with your messages. You can communicate directly to the leading researchers using Web of Science Author Connect.

The Author Connect database contains only active researchers in each field and speciality in Web of Science – which is a painstakingly selected, actively curated database of the journals that scientists themselves have judged to be the most important and useful in their fields. This means that you have access to almost three million active researchers – constantly updated and curated – specifically targeted for your needs.


For Publishers & Associations

  • Grow submissions for you titles
  • Encourage conference attendance
  • Increase awareness and usage

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For Academia

  • Build on your university’s reputation
  • Attract new collaborators
  • Promote new curricula, programs, or initiatives

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For Corporates

  • Build demand for your products
  • Increase awareness of your brands
  • Attract the attention of new collaborators

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